This is me.

– If I’m at home, listening to music and thinking about my story ideas, I will be walking around for no particular reason, lost in thought.  I will continue to walk around until I stop.

– If I like a part in a song, I will continuously rewind to that part over and over.  10 times. 20 times. 30 times.  This is how my iPod battery dies fast.

– I have a uncanny recollection of the past.  This is a blessing and a curse as I can get too attached to memories sometimes.

– I made my own plotlines as a kid, starring me and my friends in some sort of ragtag group.  There was an ongoing storyline as I grew up and to this day I still remember it.  I had ideas for video games in this “series” too.  What a weird little boy I was.

– I can’t drink alcohol by myself, in my place. It feels too depressing.  I either need to be with someone or be at a bar.

– I like thinking, a lot.  If I’m being quiet, I’m probably thinking about something.

– I tend to think more when I’m down or I want to distract myself from the current environment.

– I can become down if I do think too much.  Too much thinking increases the chances of thinking about negative things.  If you recall, when I’m down, I tend to think more.  It can become a vicious cycle.

– Being alone for too long can also lead to me being down.  I feel like I have a gentle balance of wanting to be around others and needing space to myself.

– One thing I think I’m good at is cheering myself up.  Even when I’m really upset, I can put some positive spin to it.  Or if that doesn’t work, I just smack myself and tell myself to get it together.

– One thing that also cheers me up/I like to do if I’m upset is write.  I feel like I’m at my peak when I’m depressed or something is bothering me.  It’s my way of venting to myself or just channeling that negative energy to my hobby.

– In that sense, I’m far better at describing things through writing as opposed to speaking. I always can’t find the right word to say in a conversation and it irritates me to no end.  Maybe that’ll change someday.  I probably do a lot better with a conversation through messaging than physically talking.

– Loneliness is my eternal enemy.

– I used to be really hyper when I was young.  It’s funny how much that has changed.

– Some people think I’m “cool” and “sophisticated”.  I think quite the opposite.

– If we’re good friends, odds are I will go above and beyond to help you out.  It’s not easy to hit that level though.

– I used to be very selfless until I realized how damaging could be. I’m definitely more selfish nowadays. Sometimes I surprise myself at how different I am compared to before.

– The name of his blog comes from: A) The name of my favorite nujabes song and B) How I feel about my position in the multiple cultures I have been raised and lived in throughout my life.

– I like to ramble a lot.  Like now.  Maybe now is a good time to stop writing.  This is just a fraction of what I could’ve written.  Maybe I’ll do it again sometime.  It is nice to see it in a list format.


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