Meeting Patlabor’s Ingram AV-98

Apologies for the lack of updates but currently I have been in the process of applying to grad schools, which takes a nice chunk of my free time.  Also, I’m in the middle of a creative renaissance so I have been working on my new(!) novel recently as well.  Luckily(?) not much has been going on in life so it’s not like stuff has been happening.  Anyways, let’s continue catching up from the end of summer.

After Toyama, I didn’t really travel much outside of Osaka.  Toyama and Mount Fuji took a nice chunk of money out of my savings, so I had to lay low for the remainder of the summer.

I was fortunate enough to check out some local events though that were really cool.  One of them was the Patlabor AV-98 Ingram event.  For those who are unaware, Patlabor is an mecha anime with a twist—rather than having crazy mech battles, it was basically a slice of life show that just happened to feature mechs.  It focuses on a weird police group that take care of various crimes with the help of their Labor—the word for mech in that universe.  Think of it like Police Academy with mechs with a hint of drama mixed in there.  It was one of my favorite shows because it wasn’t like your average mecha show.

Anywho, this year a new Patlabor live-action series has premiered and to celebrate it, they built a 1:1 model of the star Labor—the Ingram AV-98, and have been showing it all around Japan.  As soon as I heard they were coming to Osaka, I planned on going there. My friend Josh decided to tag along as he liked mechs and was curious about the show.

When we got to the area, the Ingram was currently on top of a truck.  The neat thing was the truck was the same kind of truck that was on the show.  After awhile, they propped the Ingram up with flashy music and lights.  The teen in me was going crazy over it.  I took a video of it:

Here are some photos of the Ingram AV-98 itself:







I love Patlabor and I felt super lucky to have been able to see such a thing in person.  Now I have an itching to go watch it!


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