Another Sports Festival…

Back in September my Wednesday and junior high school had their combined sports festival.  It has been one of the events I have been going every year since I came here.  I always have a lot of good memories from them and this year wasn’t any different.

First of all I saw a few people I haven’t seen in awhile.  I ran into my former vice principal as I took the bus and we caught up on how our lives were doing.  I really miss him, he was such a crazy, friendly guy that always bumped up work parties to 200%.  My new VP is nice and friendly but it isn’t the same so it was nice to see him again.

When I got to the school grounds I ran into Kaho, a girl I taught way back in the day.  She’s doing fine as usual and I always enjoyed talking to her.  She likes my junior high’s VP so they chatted quite a bit.  I took a cute picture of the two:


She hung around him for awhile.


I also saw some other former students like Ootsuka and former elementary students.  It was nice to chat with them and see what has changed.  I even saw Sleepy and another student I taught when I first arrived in Japan.  They’re now 3rd years in high school and will be graduating in March.  It’s crazy to see that they’re almost full fledged adults!  I could barely recognize them.

The sports festival itself was fun to watch.  My third years always waved at me whenever they saw me.  I love those kids just as much as my third years from last year.  Here are some pictures of the whole event:


The third years, always happy to see me 😀





It’s always fun to see the junior high/elementary student interact with each other.



Kyo and Tai representing the baseball team.


The new volleyball club members! Luckily they got a bunch of them when the new first years rolled in.


Nana-chan and I, along with her friends.




Third years leading the volleyball club.



The swimming club. Junya of course decided to go shirtless. Fun fact: he’s so good he’s in two clubs (hence the baseball cap).






The third year’s rally competition.



It’s their last sports festival 😦





White team takes it this year!


Whether I will see another one of these is still up in the air.  However, if it was my last one, I’ll be happy with it.


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