Welcome to 30.

Last November marked my 30th birthday.  Honestly, nothing really feels different but I suppose I should feel and act like an adult at this point (we’ll see how that goes).  In terms of celebrating it, I got a lot of love from everyone.

My birthday landed on Thursday, which is the day I go to my junior high school.  When my 3rd years caught wind that my birthday would be landing the day I would be going there, they got super excited.  When I came to school, everyone was wishing me happy birthday.  Ami and Aya gave me some handmade birthday cards which were cute.  Jun and Shin wrote a huge message for me on the chalkboard and it stayed there for the entire class.  Class itself was hilarious; students were being more funny than usual when we were presenting stuff.  I couldn’t have asked for a better birthday at work:




The next day I went to Nagoya as a mini-trip and the weather was excellent.  Usually the weather always gets crappy whenever I travel so it was a great change.  I’d like to think that was a present from nature.  I’ll go over that in a later blog post.  When I came back from Nagoya, I had a nice birthday party with my friends.  The venue was great and I got a surprise min-cake dessert at the end!


My last stop was at a bar where one of my friends secretly got someone to draw my caricature.  It was hilariously random.

All in all, this was a great way to start my 30s.  I’m not too worried about the decade change because honestly, I feel like I have been acting way older than I actually am…maybe my age number will finally get to match my personality.   Here’s looking to another great year!

I'm a lucky person to know all of these wonderful people. :)

I’m a lucky person to know all of these wonderful people. 🙂



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