To Nagoya: Inuyama Castle

My friend recommended me to go to Inuyama Castle as it is considered one of the “National Treasures” in Japan.  It is one of the few castles that were constructed before the Edo period.  Me, being a fan of castles, jumped on the idea.

Inuyama Castle itself isn’t in Nagoya but only an hour or so away by train.  After checking out the car museum, we hopped on the train with our mini lunches containing onigiris and sandwiches. Not the greatest food but we figured we would just go all out for dinner.

The walk to the castle itself was really nice.  The weather was perfect and fall leaves were still around.  I took a few shots while on the way there.




The castle in sight!

The castle in sight!

Inuyama Castle itself is pretty small but beautiful.




My favorite thing about it is that at the top you aren’t restricted to glass windows; you can actually walk around and see the amazing view from above.  The best part was that sunset was approaching by the time we hit the top.  Me being a sunset fanatic, enjoyed the entire sunset while taking a ton of pictures.  The view was absolutely breathtaking, I couldn’t have asked for a better way to conclude the day.  The staff was nice enough to keep the place open later than usual for us to take more shots of the view.  These pictures don’t do it justice.

It's just beginning.

It’s just beginning.






So if you’re around Nagoya and it’s a sunny day out, consider Inuyama Castle towards sundown.  Let me tell you, you won’t be disappointed.


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