Hello, Moon.

Back when I first started living here, I was really jealous of one of my friend’s apartment because she lived on the “sunset” side of the building.  If you know me, I love sunsets to death.  However, on early days, I can catch a beautiful sunrise while I get ready for work which almost makes it worth it.

Who am I kidding, waking up early sucks.

One thing I do love though is having the moon right outside of my balcony almost every night.  The moon fascinates me every time I see it; it’s as if I get in some sort of mini-trance whenever it shines down brightly in the pitch black sky. I wish I could take a photo worthy of what my eyes see but they always turn out okay at best.  Some nights the moon will be blood red and slowly emerging from the mountains.  It’s eerie, mysterious and yet calming.

I love simply looking at it in the sky from outside of my window.  It’s bright but not blinding like the sun is.  The darkness compliments it perfectly as its pale light hovers intensely down at me.  So simple and yet so elegant.

I like being able to see the craters from here.  It boggles my mind that on a perfect night I can see clearly how the terrain is like.

Whenever I step out from somewhere and notice the moon hovering over, I will almost always take a minute to admire it.  Why do I like looking at you so much?  I can’t explain it but it does relax me.  Also, if I’m at home, it sometimes gets me in a writing mood (like now).

The moon usually makes its way into some of my memories throughout my life.  It always accompanied me home after a long day of sledding as a kid. My brother, dad and I saw a harvest moon in the fields one autumn evening and it been forged into my mind that the size of the moon was as big as the sky (which I’m sure is a huge exaggeration but I’ll let my youthful mind slide). I remember sitting on a bench together with my junior high crush and just chatting on a clear, full moon night.  One of my former girlfriends would randomly text me in the evening with a “Look at the moon!”, it was a nice little gesture that I always liked in her. Sailor Moon?  Damn right I like that show.

So thanks moon, you are a huge reason why I love the evenings.  May you continue to orbit around my life until I can no longer see you anymore.  That day will indeed be a sad one.



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