Nujabes: Eternal Soul

I wrapped up my jam-packed February by going to a tribute show to Nujabes.   Nujabes is my favorite Japanese hip hop producer/DJ who sadly, passed away too soon.  Like many people, I was introduced to him by listening to the soundtrack of Samurai Champloo.   Nujabes music style was mixing jazz-like tunes to his hip hop beats.   His music, always mellow, atmospheric and catchy, is usually playing on my iPod when I’m going out for a run or writing.  It gets me in the mood to think and convey my thoughts on paper.  This blog’s name, The Space Between Two Worlds, is named from my favorite song from him.

Here’s a few others that I like:

It’s such a shame that he passed away so early. Only a few years in the scene I was already attached to so many of his songs.

This tribute show was set five years after his passing.  I don’t go to many live shows but after seeing the line-up to this show, I knew this was one I couldn’t miss.  All of the artists that perform some of my favorite songs in Nujabes’ discography were going to be there, I’d be a fool not to go!

The event was nothing short of amazing.  So far it’s been my favorite live show that I’ve attended.   Just watching all the artists that collaborated with Nujabes performing in his honor and the fans who chanted Nujabes name throughout the night was unforgettable.  We had all come from different backgrounds but we all shared the same love for this man’s music.  I was glad to be able to be a part of this night.

I took a few video clips of the show but wasn’t glued to my phone because I wanted to just experience everything firsthand.

When Shing02 came up, the crowd went wild.

As soon as we heard the first few seconds of Battlecry, the opening to Samurai Champloo, the entire crowd went nuts.

For his final performance of the night, Shing02 went through the entire LuvSic catalog of songs, ending with the final piece that was released posthumously.  I couldn’t think of a better way to conclude the night.

I was amazed at how they managed to play 95% of my favorite songs from Nujabes’ discography.  While I’m sad that Nujabes has passed away, I’m eternally thankful for all of the music that he has provided to us in his lifetime.  Hopefully he’s still making beats out there, in the other side.


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