Silver Week: Mt. Rokko

Grad school was a hot mess this semester so I really didn’t have time to write anything that wasn’t school-related.  Let’s just leave it at administration dropping the ball big time.  Anyways, things have been resolved and the class is over, leaving me this thing called “free time” until February.

So, let’s catch up with life!

Back in September, we were really lucky and had a Silver Week (a string of public holidays) that landed on weekdays this year.  Usually they would land on weekends and we would basically lose the day off.  Not this year though!  Due to being busy with school, I didn’t really have a good chance to make any big travel plans so I decided to do a couple of day trips.  My goals were to hit two spots I had been meaning to go forever: Mt. Rokko and Naoshima.

Mt. Rokko is known for being one of the three “10 million dollar night views” in Japan.  In Japan, there are many “top 3” lists of certain things, but the one I’m interested the most is night views because I can stare at skylines and the night lights forever.  I had already visited one of these views when I went to Nagasaki earlier this year.  Mt. Rokko was one I have been meaning to go forever but getting there was always the hard part.  One can take a cable car to the top but it closes down early, leaving you stranded if you wanted to catch the night view.  The other only option was to drive to the top.  I don’t know many people with cars so an opportunity never rose up until a friend  who drove wanted to hang out somewhere during Silver Week.  Of course, I suggested Mt. Rokko.

Before heading to Mt. Rokko, we stopped at another mountain nearby, I forget the name (its’ been too long!).  It gave a nice view of the city, and the sun was setting so it looked even better.

Goooing up.  I liked the personal cable cars.

Goooing up. I liked the personal cable cars.


When it was getting dark, we went down and headed to Mt. Rokko.  It’s a long, curvy way up, I was starting to get a little sick from making so many turns but luckily nothing serious came from it.

The view was worth the trouble, though.  It was beautiful; we were surrounded by a sea of lights!  If I was on my own, I would’ve been there forever but because my friend was present, I tried not to stay for too long.  Luckily there were other things to do besides checking out the view, so we were able to spend a decent amount of time exploring the area.





I’m not sure which mountain I liked better, Mt. Rokko or Mt. Inasa in Nagasaki.  They each had their own perks; Mt. Rokko probably had more light and was wider but Mt. Moiwa had that awesome restaurant where you could sit down and enjoy the lights with a drink and it had that night harbor scenery as opposed to a city one.  I’d recommend both if you’re ever in the area.

So, that’s two of the three down!  The last one I have to go to is in Hokkaido though!  I wonder if I can manage to revisit the area..

Next time:  Naoshima!


Time to head back down…


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